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 FS maki

FS maki

Nori, rice, salmon, crab sticks, sandwich cheese sliced, masago, wakame seaweed, FS spice sauce.

1 pcs / 26±2g

0.39€ 0.49€

"Promo" set

"Promo" set

Snow crab maki 10 th, Cucumber maki 10 th, Green river 10 th, Alaska 10 th. The kit includes: b.

40 pcs / 850±20g

9.99€ 12.59€

4 Dragons

4 Dragons

Black Dragon 10tk, Green Dragon 10tk, White Philadelfia 10tk, Punane Draagon 10tk, Salmon nigiri 2tk.

50 pcs / 1300±20g

30.99€ 38.99€

Greed Dragon with salmon 10th

Greed Dragon with salmon 10th

Nori, rice, salmon, creme-cheese, avocado, unagi sauce, white sesame.

10 pcs / 248±2g


Caesar uramaki

Caesar uramaki

Nori, rice, chicken, mushrooms, unagi sauce, sesame.

1 pcs / 23±2g


Black Dragon

Black Dragon

Nori, rice, Eel, creme-cheese, avocado, black masago, unagi sauce, white sesame.

1 pcs / 25±2g


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